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Bujin Martial Arts

train in the art of ninjutsu and learn to defend

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Bujin Martial Arts

Unit 69 BSS House

Cheney Manor Industrial Estate

Swindon SN2 2PJ

07727 653852

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Chris brings a youthful enthusiasm to his teaching, combining his skills with that of his jujitsu training to develop the students in all aspects of self defence.

Shihan Paul Stubbs

Black Belt 13th Dan Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Paul Stubbs is a highly skilled instructor with vast experience and knowledge gained from teaching internationally to a wide and varied audience. Paul has taught and trained with members of various police and military units throughout his career.

As Polarm International CQC Instructor 1, Paul is the special advisor to Polarm International.

Paul is also knowledgeable about many other martial arts with a 1st Dan in Kung fu and a 1st Dan in Kickboxing.

Kevin is a highly experienced martial artist, Kevin holds a 2nd Dan in shotokan karate and  has studied various different styles throughout his career. This knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping students growth and understanding.


Three very experienced and dedicated teachers of the art headed up by shihan Paul Stubbs. Paul has travelled many times to Japan to train with the Japanese masters. In 2003, he was recommended to take the Sakki test ( the test of killing intention )

“ It was the highest honour of my training. To be tested by the grand master in his own dojo. I passed and was awarded the rank of shidoshi-teacher of the warrior arts”

With over 8 yrs experience, Ali brings a lot of knowledge and skill to his classes. He has also studied other combat forms so understands what works and what doesnt!

Kevin Anderson

Black Belt 3rd Dan Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Chris Stratford

Black Belt 2nd Dan Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Ali Wheeler

Black Belt

Bujinkan Ninjutsu