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Bujin Martial Arts

train in the art of ninjutsu and learn to defend

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Bujin Martial Arts

Unit 69 BSS House

Cheney Manor Industrial Estate

Swindon SN2 2PJ

07727 653852

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“ I love going to ninjutsu because it’s fun and I also learn how to defend myself. The teachers also help me with my concentration”

Jack Miles, 10

“The kids really enjoy the sessions. A mix of young and older children helps students to work together. The higher grades help the lower grades to learn different techniques.

Children learn respect and gain confidence in their abilities. It isnt about fighting but helps children gain the self assurance that, should  they be involved in a difficult situation, they would be able to get away without becoming the victim of a bully”

Mother of Eddie, 12

“ I've always wanted to train in martial arts but wanted something different from the norm.

After seeing a local ad for Bujin martial arts, my wife and I decided to give it a go and we have never regretted joining.

A well equipped , dedicated Dojo and excellent instructors combine to give a fantastic learning experience. I look forward to classes every week “

Simon Loeber-Hughes


“I started ninjutsu when i was fairly young to learn to defend myself. Despite my lack of years everybody treated me kindly and with respect.

It is a great training atmosphere and everyone is friendly.  

I also suffer from recurring shoulder injuries but sensei Paul's skill and knowledge of the art allows me to train using techniques which i can do without risk of injury.

I enjoy that the techniques learned offer lots of freedom and is not endless kata and that the movements are skill based and not strength.

The wide ranging syllabus means every lesson is new, even now but still building on those before”

Ali Wheeler

“My son has been practising ninjutsu for 7 years and it has given him confidence in all aspects of his life. He enjoys working with and helping other students. He has also learnt to focus and concentrate on his training”

Mother of Jack, 13

“My son always enjoys coming to class. He is very enthusiastic about attending and has a great relationship and respect with his sensei”

Mother of Ryan, 13

“Joining Bujin Martial Arts has not only improved my sons confidence but has helped with his co-ordination and fitness.

The instructors make the lessons really enjoyable and we’ve been made to feel very welcome by the friendly team”

Mother of Arlen, 8


An insight into how the students feel about Bujin Martial Arts.

“ When I came home with my family and found a burglar in my kitchen, I was shaken but able to deal with the situation safely and protect my family, I honestly don’t know how I would have dealt with this prior to my training in Ninjutsu, it is a very effective self defence based on technique not strength”

“ I enjoy learning the techniques and although there is an element of fitness attached, we never spend a lesson running around the Dojo”

Stuart Miles

As well as the physical effects Ninjutsu has had on my daughter, I have noticed a huge increase in her confidence to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. I have also seen a change in herself discipline in all aspects of her life.

I cannot thank Paul and the team enough!

Leanne Bradford